Anybody else reclassed at Ft Jackson?

It is a whole different world. C TSB. The school is not bad. The Cadre is not bad. There are many different MOS trainings attached to this company. Finance, Legal, Personnel, Postal, Mechanic, Chaplains Assistant, and vehicle recovery. Probably about 300 people, At least when i went last summer.

No open toed shoes, no tank tops, and if you are male no plain white t-shirts are allowed. There was a curfew when I was ther it was 2200 but I believe it was extended either right before or right after I left. The barracks are old and run down.

The weather is hot and muggy. Community showers, shared rooms for all E-1 through E-5. For junior enlisted could be up to 6 people in the room.

The classes are pretty easy, if you have AIT students in your class you will have a 2 week hold because they go to the field for 2 weeks and prior service does not.

You are not allowed to speak to the ait soldiers, however you may have classes with them and will pass them in the DFAC, Not to mention see them out in the evenings or weekends.

You can have your vehicle, you can have passes every weekend. Its really just like the rest of the Army What you make of it.

Good Luck.

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