Anyone hearing anything on if PCS is delayed?

I just contacted HRC, and will post the response once I get it.

I am also requesting information from them on TDY enroute. I generate those hard copy DD 1610s for my Regiment, but the G3 personnel who authorize the MTSA funds are all furloughed. My guys have orders in hand (cut prior to Oct 1), but I have received verbal guidance from higher that NO TRAVEL should be happening due to the shutdown and no FY14 funds being available.

once again, I will post the HRC response once I get it.
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Thank you all for the information. I'll keep watching. This is for my daughter and son-in-law who are both supposed to PCS in the very near future from OCONUS to CONUS. It looks like each command is doing something different for now.

Maybe bacause they are OCONUS, they are not allowed to say there past their DEROS, unless is, they might be able to PCS even if the Gov. is still in shutdown...just my 2c
Update on this...spoke with my Soldiers today and they said that since they got their orders before the 1st they were able to get to (I guess) transportation and got their plane tickets and all other things set up and ready to go. Looks like some of those that got orders after the 1st are having problems though.
Okay, HRC was no help at all. They just stated in an emailed response
"Please contact the branch managers in regards to PCS, TCS both en route and return."

There are many alaracts being released, seems like at least one a day, these covered travel.


We have two soldiers reclassing (TDY-Enroute), one for reenlistment, one for medical, both leave next Friday. ALARACT 264 covers reclass as an excepted activity, but it still has to be approved by our MACOM for expenditure of funds. Basically each MACOM should have an "emergency" fund for FY14, and even if an activity (TDY) is excepted, does not mean there are deffinately funds and the soldier will deffinately go.

Seems like the usual "use your Chain of Command" is the only real answer. Push hard and do your research, and a good CoC will help you out the best they can.

PCS is a whole nother animal I have no answers for.

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