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I'm a 15T and I know I sound biased against the Apache, but if you want to be a pilot, one of the best places to start is as a Non-Rated Crewmember. At this point in time, only 15T and 15U (Hawks and Hooks) actually fly with the bird. I have over 670 flight hours and I have gained so much more knowledge about rotor dynamics and other stuff pertaining to flight. The Apache looks cool and blows stuff up, but I'd rather push a Hawk than fly an Apache.
im a 15R, apache crewchief. If your planning on flying then choose one. its all what you want to do. i like the apache best. we have big guns and annoy the crap outta the others cuz they fly us around since we dont fly with the aircraft. they all have advantages and disadvantages. but once you goto flight school you may or may not be able to choose the airframe you want. all the airframes hav troubleshooting and major maint to perform. The advantges of the hawks and hooks is you do fly with the aircraft so that makes you more Anal on who touches it and the cleanliness. you want to have the best looking and maint free aircraft. gotta have the bragging rights.
Thanks guys!! I forgot all about this thread Big Grin

Well I really want to fly (doesn't everyone) and want to be an Apache pilot (which I may or may not get, depending on the Army's needs down the road). What I'm trying to do is learn as much as I can while the Army is paying back my loans. I want to go 15R because I like the Apache, but which one would I have more opportunities in learning the flight characteristics and all that stuff? If all goes to plan I only plan on being enlisted for 3 years and then hopefully get picked up for WOFT after that.

I guess what it comes down to is what enlisted aviation MOS would provide the best opportunities in my first 3 years in the army? 15T?

oh and how is the scenery change when you're a 15 series? (mostly in the states?)
Hey TexAg!
I have been a 15R for four years now and I wouldn't change a thing. The reason that I chose to be an Apache crewcheif is because I also wanted to learn an airframe before I went to fly it. Yes, there are limited slots for Apache pilots but, the slots that do come open are given to the highest scoring officer in flight school. I recommend you go to the mos that will get you the closest to the aircraft you want to fly.
Thanks AH64DFXR. I still haven't decided on whether to go with the ah-64D or the UH-60, kind of like them both :lol:

Is it possible to be sent to a unit of your choice? I really want to be part of the 101st Airborne (air assault) or 1st Calvary. If not those two then it would be nice to get stationed over seas somewhere.
hmmm hopefully by November I'll be able to put in a "wish" list :lol:

I checked out For Eustis' webpage and saw the new student's guide... do you really get a private room and a share a latrine with only one other room? Seems like a nice location for sight seeing on the weekends to.

thx for all your info :!: Big Grin

TexAg04~ If you want to fly, I suggest BlackHawks. Of course any aviation MOS will get you around the Birds. If you're up to the challenge once you're MOSQ then you might look into the 160th at Campbell. Just check their web site-key word- Nightstalkers. It'll definately put some perspective on "aviation". Just watch those 'snake eaters'. Never know where you'll find one. Happy hunting.
pretty cool stuff (160th)... I dedided a couple of months ago I was gonna be a 15T but for the past couple of weeks I've been thinking of puting a WOFT application in sometime in November... either way I was going to put Ft. Campbell at the top of my "wishlist".. thanks for letting me know that though, been wondering what some spec ops aviation units were
Tex, a book that you [i:a721f093ed]gotta[/i:a721f093ed] read is [u:a721f093ed]In The Company of Heroes[/u:a721f093ed] by Michael Durant. He uses the time he was captured in Somalia as a backdrop for the rest of the book, but it's loaded with a whole bunch of other stories and insights about the rest of his flying career. I read it something like five times it's that good!! The cover is green with a Blackhawk on it.
If you want to fly, then any mos is good, if you really want to understand the aircraft, 15Y is the Job. Lots of work, and little respect, but every attack battalion knows that they are NMC (Non Mission Capable) if the Armament Shop is off its game. Im a 15Y and I love it
Yeh, im a 15Y, I leave for BCT in June though, Im hoping that after AIT I can do some night classes to work on getting hours for WOCS, and then flight school. how is 15Y by the way armamentdawg? any details for me since we have the same MOS, it'd be cool to know what to expect.
Well dude, all I can tell you is to expect a lot of work, little recognition and a great deal of pride in your job. There are some days where I just wish I was somewhere else, but then there are those days, such as at a gunnery, or a CALFEX (Combined Arms Live fire Exercise) in which I get to see them in action, and Im in awe. I see the trials and tribulations of all that are involved in the Apache community, and I know that it will make me a better pilot. If you have any more questions, please feel free to email me at armamentdawg69@yahoo.com or jeremy.m.mcnichol@us.army.mil :twisted:
I am almost done putting my WOFT packet together. It does not really matter what airframe you choose. Once you get to your first unit, stick to the pilots, the Warrants especially. The Warrants always look for good people to join the flock and they will mentor you towards that goal as long as that is what you want!!
Originally posted by 11b215r:
Hey everyone i am locked in to go to school to be a 15r in the end of may, i have been an 11b for over 3 years now and i am just lookin for some advice and what to expect.

I'm a 15R myself and I actually work with a few prior 11b's. What you should expect isn't going to be anywhere near what you already experience. Alot of the guys that we're 11b's drop into a "culture shock" so to speak. Although discipline is a big part of the Army as a whole, it's a little more relaxed in Aviation than Infantry. But what you should expect as a 15R is a lot of long days, a lot of work for little or no kind of reconition. Alot of redundancy is typical depending on if you end up in a line company or a maint. platoon. Maint. platoons tend to take care of the major maint. on the BTLN. Aircraft where as a soldier in a line company (Crew Chief), tends to work on the companys aircraft and also has their own aircraft that they are responsible for.

The work load can get pretty outragous somedays. We have schedualed inspections that can be due by either flight hours or days that the line companys are responsible for. Depending on how they fall you can either work an easy day and be gone early or have a hecktic day and be there from 0600 to 2000 at night. It's pretty up in the air and depends on how your PLT SGT scheduals the aircraft. we tend to run 24 hour ops in Garrison as well as combat because the pilots need to be rated during both day and night. Plan on a lot of time doing feild problems in between deployments.. JRTC, NTC, HATTS, etc. stuff that's going to get the pilots and you ready for Afghanistan.

Any other questions just shoot them my way!

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