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I tore my rotor cuff (or just the tendons) 2wks ago at the gym. I spoke with our readiness NCO about having to make up the APFT after my shoulder heals, as I can only do 1 push-up (max), zero sit-ups as I am unable to hold my arm in that position & running with my arm moving around is painful to say the least. I was informed I needed a profile, which, as I am no longer on orders & have NO insurance...is not going to happen. (No $ to see a DR.)

I have looked at the 21-20 & the 350-1 but don't see anything relating to this issue...how can I get a profile if I can't afford to go to a Dr. to get one?!

Any advice here guys? Don't feel like getting flagged because I'm injured & don't have Tricare anymore
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Originally posted by jorden:
and as long as your national guard it costs 200 bucks a month for full coverage through tricare. just something to maybe look into.

That's the price range for family coverage. If he's single, then -- TRS Member-Only coverage: $53.16 per month.
It just states its for a family on the tricare west website. not sure how many people, but im sure he can call and ask. I have tricare prime and going to national guard soon; my wife has a lot of medical so im going to get it because they will cover almost anything.

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