When I am notified via e-mail of my 20 year-letter, should I submit the packet for retirement?

I am expecting my 249-E to total 20 good years by March 2014. I re-enlisted last June and will ETS in December 2016.

Should I get the paperwork going right away?

Thank you
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I take it your RYE date is March as well?

From all accounts, the NOE is rarely published on time. You really can't do much without the NOE. If publication is delayed more than you have patience for, feel free to send the message to HRC and they ought to remedy.

You've got options. You can serve in SELRES until maximum age (unless they reinstate MYOS), retire outright, transfer to the retired reserve (where you continue to accrue TIS for pay), go to the IRR until max age or MYOS (and continue to get points). What is your desired balance between maximum pay and not performing duty?
Yes, RYE is 9 March. My years always go from 9 March through 8 March.

However, my current ETS is 8 December 2016.

Would love to max out and do absolutely nothing, the way life is going right now, ha ha, if that answers your question. I'd love to retire as a Seven, but since my Date of Rank is 1 January 2012, I'd probably need to shoot for 1 January 2015, in order to make the rank permanent, right?
There's a lot of confusion on the high 36 plan.

You do not actually retire until you collect retired pay (age 60 in most cases). The retired reserve does not receive retired pay; they are in fact still a control group of the Army Reserve.

It matters not whether you serve in TPU, IMA, IRR, or retired reserve, you will still accrue TIS for pay. So long as your 60th birthday is some time after March 8th 2026, you will cap out for basic pay in one of these statuses.

If you are discharged, it will remain as the average of the highest 36 months prior to discharge. If that happens in March, it will go back to March 2011.

It is possible for retired reserve members to be activated, but you based on the difficulties we have facilitating voluntary transfers, I consider it unlikely unless you have extremely high demand skills.

Over all, it sounds like the retired reserve is what you want.

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