ARC 12 August - 27 September

Is there anyone on the board attending ARC on these dates? If so, here is the hotel information:

Holiday Inn Express
8105 Two Notch Rd Columbia, SC 29223

You just have to call and confirm your reservation. We WILL have roommates. The rates are as follows:

42.50 - Double Occupancy
85.00 - Single (If your roommate fails out or doesn't show up for class)

Has any Reservists who are attending for AGR recruiting received an assignment yet? Or are there any AGR Recruiters who actually got one of their preferred choices?
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I'm currently here now and AGR. Our class is spread over 3 different hotels, so the information you provided for your hotel may not apply to everyone. With that said, it is, in fact, double occupancy.
Also, we have not received assignments yet and won't until week 4, so hang in there. The AGR liaison here at the school said there isn't much choosing of assignments or preferences lately. AGR accessions are over strength and finding spots for us to go is getting difficult (i.e. take what ya get).

Thanks for clarifying that. I got my information from my Welcome letter but when I called Macgruder, I got the run around and this is the information from the actual hotel front desk. I had no idea there were three different hotels though!

Wow! I wonder why they keep putting Soldiers through the course if the assignments are so scarce. I hope you get close to your preference. Keep me posted please I'm nervous as hell about school.
Don't sweat the class. Be where you are supposed to be at the right time and you will be fine. They prepare you for tests/quizzes and work with any retests. We only had one fail for testing out of 70. PT is M-W-F at 0600 and you are in class until 1700 each day. They give you plenty of time to study and do the "read ahead" or home work assignments. 10s of thousands came before you and me and passed, and 10s of thousands will come after us and pass.

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