Army CID/Surveillance MOS?

First off, if anyone thinks this post might be better served in a different area, please let me know.

Okay, I work with a university's police department which enables me to pursue my masters for virtually nothing and my desire is to join some type of military reserve unit for the duration of my schooling.

I wish to join the Army in some facet although I haven't been able to find an entry level reserve position that really excites me. At first I was interested in the Common Ground Surveillance Systems Operator (MOS 96R) but it appears that this MOS has been discontinued, much to my dismay.

I then became interested in the Army CID position but had that dream ripped away once I found out that 2 years prior service was absolutely mandatory.

My ultimate goal is to join the FBI but as I said, while I am working as university popo and pursuing my masters degree for the next two some odd years, I would really like to do something in the mean time, other than my full time job, that would really enhance my resume and make me much more competitive once I'm done with school and ready to apply with the bue. Hence the idea of joining the reserves in some fashion.

So my questions are, is there any chance that the Army CID prior service requirement could be waived, any chance at all?

Does anyone have any information on the old 96R MOS? Has the position simply been cut out or was its duties simply combined with another MOS?

Anyone have any suggestions as far as options regarding a criminal investigation/surveillance MOS/position that can be done part-time as with the reserves? Keeping in mind that it must be entry-level and something other than MP as I am already aware of that option and am considering it. Oh and preferably something more impressive than a P.I. as I am also considering that option.

Thanks in advance.
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Ever thought about Civil Affairs :-) Its a great community and it doesnt fall under USARC (United States Army Reserve Command) We fall under SOCOM (Special Operations Command) Which is a good thing if you ask anyone (not gonna get into it now). However, it is a "reserve" unit and you would be a drilling TPU soldier. Requirements are: SECRET clearance (which would be another killer for ye old resume) 110 on your GT for the ASVAB and you must attend the US Army Airborne Course. ANNNNNDDDDD then after 12 jumps they press Jumpmaster School on you like a hot iron. Still a great career opportunity and a GREAT community. Great opportunities for advancement and travel. And as always, keep your eyes open, chin on your chest, elbows tight to your side, hands on the end of your reserve with you fingers spread...
Civil Affairs, no I haven't. I have never heard of the group, which doesn't say much because I am not a "in the loop" person in regards to the military. Not yet at least.

Drilling TPU Soldier?

I think you lost me at the airborne/jumping thing. God has destined for me to remain on the ground as much as possible, plus my ultimate goal is to go federal, in the criminal investigation realm, so I am really only considering opportunities that are close in relation to that particular area of expertise. Not so much with the jumping from planes for me, or being a boatswain, as someone on another forum suggested, don't even know what that is, lol.

Okay, how current is your information because I have been getting all kinds of contradicting information. Most of the current intel I have been getting has suggested that the old 96R MOS has been completely dissolved, discontinued and its "duties" were not combined or are not included in any other currently available MOS.

However, you seem to suggest that maybe some of the old duties the 96R guys did are now done by the 35H guys? The reason I ask is because I am really interested in working with surveillance and high technology and I was under the impression that this is what the 96R guys dealt with.
oh poor quinny

i- as a 6 year veteran of the 96r lifestyle do miss it greatly. try going on myspace or facebook and just doing a search for 'us' sometime by mos code.

as far as new equiptment- our sh*t dated back to vietnam...yes it worked, yes it was heavy, and yes it was beautiful.

secondly, surveillance-- are you thinking car chases, shadowing and 007 type missions? think again. think forward of the front lines. think isolation and desolation. think 3-4 guys hiding on a near hill top keeping quiet, keeping eyes on the prize from "in front of them all"

we literally were by doctrine the farthest deployable combat MOS in the army's inventory.

and now we are gone. whispers have shaken occasionally that we will come back. any word on merging with other MOS' and such is possible, but only an aged recruiter would know- or a high speed one. please feel fre to email me with any specific questions you have

from the belly of the beast i commend you for looking to better yourself!

SGT Jordan

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