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Sorry man... I'm not at an Army Diving school. I've read a detailed description of the course. There is a 2 week pre-requisite training course prior to starting the school. You have to be able to swim 500 meters, tread water for 2 minutes with your hands and forehead above the water, you'll have to dive in the water (about 10 ft deep) to retrieve a 25 pound weight -bring it to the surface- hold it above your head and state your name, and SSN to the instuctor. Don't drop it or you'll be doing that allday long. I just know it sucks!!! It'll probably be the most physically demanding course you will ever attend in your life but it's possible to make it. As you probably already know you have to be below an E-5, that is if you coming just to reclass. You can get slot easy if you are Special Ops. I recommend you read "Get Selected" by MAJ Joe Martin and MSG Rex Dodson. Good Luck man. [ ]WARRIOR MENTOR WEBSITE[/URL]
Not a diver myself, but I am the reenlistment NCO for one of the two Army dive companies. What in particular would you like to know? If you could be a little more specific i'll ask around and get your questions answered.

In reference to SGT EyE, I'm afraid I have to make a small correction. "You can get slot easy if you are Special Ops" isn't exactly true. This is the case for the Army Combat Diver School, in which case being in SpecOps is one of the few ways to get in. The dive school to reclass to 21D is completely different.

In regards to the difficulty of the course, it is very difficult. About 70% of people trying to be a diver don't make it. It's very demanding, both physically and mentally.

Let me know what info you need, and I'll find out for you.
I feel that there is a pretty informative powerpoint presentation that you can download from the following site.

Just scroll down to the "World Wide Retention Training Seminar (WWRTS) FY 2007" section and click on the "U.S. Army Diver Brief". I and other Career Counselors were briefed in person by the Instructors themselves. They created the slides. I hope this helps!!
I had 2 21Ds in my WLC class and they told us all about their training. They said one thing they had to do was go underwater, take off all their gear. After they had it all off, someone would spin them all around and then they had a certain time limit to get all their gear back on while someone was underwater with them trying to pull all their gear back off.
Well, it's been a while since I was with the divers, but from everyone I talked to, focus is key. Dive school is challenging both physically and mentally. To prepare phyically, get used to all the standard PT, and add in extra flutter kicks, pull-ups, and swimming. If the dive PT test is still like it used to be, the events will be pushups, situps, run, pull-ups, and swim. Mentally, just try to study and keep up, there's a lot to learn, andit's all important, especially later on when you're going to transition to salvage diver. Dive was a great bunch of guys, and I miss them a lot. I wish your son the best of luck.
There are two Army National Guard heavy dive teams, one in Texas and the other in Puerto Rico. Please visit our web page, for more information about Army diving and what it takes to become a diver.
Army Guard diving will pay you handsomely to go to the toughest dive school in the world, which will prepare you physically and mentally for the world of commercial diving and military diving. The Guard offers many other benefits such as low-cost health insurance, tuition assistance for you and your spouse and other things too numerous to mention. Contact us today with any questions.

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