I am an NCO in the army national guard.

One of my soldiers is a real SHIT bag if you know what I mean.

I wanted to teach him a lesson so I made him work outside with no cold weather gear, his fingers and feet are blue and he pretended he couldnt feel his hands or feet. He went to the medic without my premission, now I am catching fire from the commander.

I what! All I did was keep him in the motor pool for the entire day inspecting vehicles in the cold rain

Where does it say in a FM or AR that soldiers have to have on cold weather gear?

Only experienced people with sources. Because I don't have any because I'm NG. My rank was given to me because I had to fill a slot.

I also posted on yahoo answers. Here's the link.
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At the risk of feeding a troll; It's in the NCO creed, "My two basic responsibilities will always be uppermost in my mind—accomplishment of my mission and the WELFARE OF MY SOLDIERS.

In my professional opinion, YOU are the sh*t bag; if your commander is worth their salt, you won't be wearing stripes much longer.
WOW! All sorts of wrong to include that you still think you were in the right. Sergeant is earned and this is exactly why they shouldn't be "given" just to fill a slot. You, my NCO, are a TOXIC leader! I hope your outcome reflects on yourself and how you conduct your decisions in the future.
Makes me want to put you up here at Ft Drum in summer Pts at -32 Degrees doing motor stables and ask you "what's wrong"?
Well. MY soldier got a cold weather injury and had to spend 3 days in a hospital for breathing problems. Serves him right for disobeying his NCO and going to the medic.

Our company commander didn't mind and encouraged that I should continue this plan of action when similar situations occur.

No one is more professional than I. I will give him a counseling when he gets out of the hospital. He was obviously faking his injury.

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