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Hello. I have a little information about the Army nurse program, but not a lot.I am currently active duty and I am an E-3. I'm interested in more information about the process of transitioning from enlisted to an army nurse officer. How much would I receive for pay? How can I get the 2 year school option for an BSN? How many credits hours must I have, 60? Is there any specific duty stations or can I be stationed anywhere? The knowledge that I do have of the army nurse program is I must 3 years of service or be an E-4 for a waiver and 110 GT score or higher.
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Contact your Career counselor and let them know that you are interested in the program. If your career counselor is not able to provide you with much information, you may want to seek out a AMEDDD recruiter.

You can also google "AMEDD enlisted commissioning program".
Hi, I have been an Army reservist for 6 years, the Army pay my BS. In Biology, and My MS. in Health Care management. I used all my GI Bill benefits and the Army only pays for 1 degree, but I decided to go back to college, I was accepted in a Nurse program at the university of Puerto Rico this is my first semester but as I already have a degree in science they transferred 70 credits, which means I only need 70 credits to graduate as a nurse here is my question: If I go to the ROTC program do I get the Army to pay for my tuition? Do I get another GI bill or similar monthly stipend?
I'm looking for a school that meets the army criteria for a BSN program.

1-school must have a 90% NCLEX pass rate
2-must be within 100 miles of an army med trmt facility
3-must be $9,000 per year or $18,000 total for 2 year tuition

Anyone know of anyone who actually found a school that meets all these? Any guidance would be appreciated.

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