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Hello all, I am nearing the completion of my university education and would like some information regarding OCS. About myself, I enlisted in the Army Reserve in high school, as a split-option and drilled for 6 (including my senior year of high school) years before entering the IRR at the end of my term. I worked for about a year and a half after high school before going to college and I have never been deployed. I am 23 years old, currently at a prestigious top 15 public university in California and have a GPA of 3.5, with a projected GPA of 3.65-3.7 upon graduation this coming spring. How competitive will I be for a slot in OCS? In terms of PT, I am quite proficient, with my last PT score in the low 270s (that is pretty decent, since a lot of reservists fail the APFT). How does college option work for OCS? Does the Army only want younger college grads with no experience for OCS now? How does branching work for OCS and how does component selection work?
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Deductive reasoning tells me you're still in the the IRR.

Are you looking for a RA or USAR appointment? It looks good so far for USAR. Other requirements would include citizenship, 110 GT score, security clearance (you can apply with interim) and moral.

If you have some leadership experience (SGT, WLC grad, etc.) you may be able to skip OCS with a direct appointment.

We are actively seeking applicants within the TPU force. 23 is actually quite young compared to a lot of interested soldiers I've met.

Your branch would depend on available positions in the area. You'll know exactly what branch and position you're going in to prior to applying. I doubt RA could say the same, but my office doesn't deal with RA appointments (talk to an RA recruiter).
Thanks for your reply. I am looking for an active duty appointment. I was born in California, so I'm good in the citizenship department. I don't have security clearance, since my MOS did not require it and I do not remember my GT score (took the ASVAB in 2006). I've never been in trouble in the military and the worst thing that has happened to me in the civilian world is a single speeding ticket. I have never attended WLC and held the rank of SPC before I got out the Army Reserve.

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