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I recently attended a briefing about the Army PA program (unfortunately the deadline for this year just passed). I took a look at the USAREC website for the program, but it did not offer a lot of info.
Looking for info on how many people apply. Is it as competitive as g2g ado? My MOS is 13f, so what can I do to be competitive with medical MOS?
Are there any other programs that are similar to this one (program to change from enlisted to officer)?
Thanks, just looking into options.
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The AMEDD Enlisted Commissioning Program (AECP) allows enlisted soldiers to earn a degree in Nursing and earn a commission in the Army Nurse Corps. AECP is open to all enlisted personnel regardless of MOS. The program has approximately 168 enlisted soldiers currently enrolled in colleges and universities around the country who are completing their Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN) while receiving full Pay and Benefits! “The program is still growing, and constantly changing to meet the needs of the Army and Army Nurse Corps. We want to get the word out to all interested soldiers in every Military Occupational Specialty and give them a chance to apply for the program. The more soldiers interested in the program and the more soldiers who apply can give us some leverage when it comes to requesting more funding for the program”, said SFC Timothy Wagner, AECP Program Manager. Interested soldiers must be able to enter a BSN program at an accredited college or university and complete their nursing degree within 24 calendar months. The program funds tuition up to $9,000 per year. AECP offers many benefits to the soldier while enrolled in the program. Soldiers continue to receive full pay and entitlements plus a $1,000 per year stipend to pay for books and school necessities. The tuition is funded by the Army and is paid directly to the school. Upon graduation from the BSN program, the soldier will attend the AMEDD Officer’s Basic Course where you will receive your commission as a second lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corps. The application deadline will be 1 Jul 07 and the selection board convenes in August. For more information contact: SFC Timothy Wagner, AECP Program Manager, at DSN 536-0381, commercial 502-626-0381, toll free 1-800-223-3735 extension 6-0381, or email

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This is the closes program to the PA program.

Also if I remember correctly you can also enter the PA program if you are Commissioned. So if you go ROTC you can get a commission then later apply for PA. But look in to that first.
Thanks. I found this program too. So many prerequisites in science needed that it looks like I'll have to wait until next year too. And compared to G2G, the board is quite awhile before school start dates (2013 board is for school in 2014).
Looking for schools in WA, CO, or CA but can't find anything with tuition rates of $9k per yr. The PA seems like a better fit, but this program is a good backup (will probably apply for both).

Trying to find selection rates(how many apply versus accepted) for each program.

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