Army Reserve - Affiliation Bonus for NDMOSQ

Well, first off, whenever I go to talk to most Career Counselors or anybody, for that matter, I like to be totally prepared and as knowledgable as possible. I'm a bit confused about something. My question is in regards to enlisting in the Army Reserves from IRR status. I'm thinking of re-classing.

Does the Affiliation bonuses for NDMOSQ positions apply to a Soldier whose MOS is not that MOS?

Since I've been out a Reserve Career Counselor, did send me a list of MOS's and the bonuses available for the Army Reserves. I understand how to find open vacancies on HRC Portal and so on.

A little background on me:

Active Duty: Mar 2003-2007
IRR: Mar - Dec 2007
Active Duty: Dec 2007 - Nov 2014
IRR: Nov 2014 - Nov 2017

Thanks ahead of time.
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