Army Reserves Separation

I was in the active reserves for 6 years. Unfortunately, due to some personal issues I stopped going to drills.

In 2008 I received a letter stating they were starting separation procedures and I had 30 days to reply. At that point I no longer wished to be in the reserves, so I ignored the letter.

I assume I was discharged sometime thereafter.

I never received discharge orders and have no idea what type of discharge I received.

I ordered my milatary records from the national archives but there were no orders there either.

I'm thinking of going back into the milatary (possibly a different branch), but I don't know if I'm even elegible.

How do find this information?

My old unit has since disbanded, so I can't reach out to them.
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DD 214 is for separation from active duty. Separation from a TPU status would not result in one.

Unsat packets are not processed consistently, so you may have been discharged, transferred to the IRR, or left in limbo.

I'll send you an email in the morning. With a bit of personal info, I can at least start you in the right direction.

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