I have a high speed NCO SSG(P) who made the list in 7 years. This guy never had an EO complaint or any type of documents to defame his outstanding career. Lately he was accused of an equal oppurtunity event and findings were deemed substantiated by BN Commander. The problem is after reviewing his case with him it seems to me it was 95% gossiping. He is currently undecided of whether to appeal it because he was given a local letter of reprimand and his flag was removed so when his number comes up he will still get pin. He will also recieved a No block on Army Values stating he had EO violation. My question is in 5 NCOERS this will not be seen, which is possible for him since he has to wait 5 years to get looked at for E-8. Should he pursue this and if he doesn't what are the negatives and positives about this situation.
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Not sure where you are getting your information on the whole 5 year thing.

Take a look at this sticky: http://community.armystudyguid...1056041/m/7107073106

They can look at all your NCOERs. Not just the last 5 years.

If you and the SSG(P) think that it is unjust, then go to the Brigade CO and fight it. If it is found that he committed an EO violation, put it on there and let it ride. It may only be a speed bump for him, it may be a career ender. Who really knows?
If this NCO is innocent, I would hope he would fight this to clear his name.

Receiving a "NO" in Army Values is very bad and will be a huge obstacle overcome.

I too have no clue with this 5 year deal you are talking about because the board can choose to view all your NCOers and after 3yrs TIG(SFC) you are eligible for MSG.
As stated, the board can look at as many NCOERs as the deem appropriate.

A "NO" on the front is huge. A very close friend of mine choked a Soldier who was being disrespectful with borderline racial comments. This happened in 2005. Up to that point, he was the "poster child" NCO. With all of his great NCOERs and accomplishments, the one "NO" held him up for 5 more years than it should have. My point is, if he is innocent, he NEEDS to appeal it. That is why the appeal system is there. Not doing something about it will only hurt him in the long run.
Its a horrible situation, but the main problem of the whole situation is that there is NO way to appeal this NCOER, based on the fact that an investigation into the EO violation has already happened, and the BN commander found the complaint to be valid.

The NCO could always try and have the EO complaint reviewd, but the chances that a different individual would go against the BN commander without NEW and COMPELLING evidence, pretty much means this NCO is out of luck.

The fact that the NCO now has an EO violation in his records (at least at the unit level) means that he almost certainly WILL REQUIRE a NO in his/her Army Values block, and this is deservedly so. Having a NO in your Army Values is THE BEST way to ensure you don’t get picked up for SFC anytime soon.

There is an appeals process, and you can read up on it, however, with a validated EO violation on file, there is almost NO way this would get overturned. Sorry to burst the Hope Bubble.

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