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I have been out of the Army for close to 5 years now and currently putting a packet together for 153A. I am having some trouble getting everything together since I don't have access to a military base. Is this something a local recruiter will be able to help me out with? I would prefer to do this all on my own, but any little bit helps.
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Talked with a National Guard Warrant Officer Strength Manager yesterday, and I am looking at joining the Nation Guard to improve my chances at getting selected. Will being in the National Guard improve my chances or trying to go active duty from civilian just as hard? I just know that some recruiters need numbers and will skew things. Just want to make sure I am getting all the information. Thanks again.
If you are a qualified, a recruiter's goal is to get you to enlist.

But from a Signal WO perspective, I know many who became Signal WOs in the Reserve components were able to do so with lesser requirements than their AD counterparts (due to lack of competition, civilian creds, etc); so if there are vacancies period for WO aviator opportunities, then go for it. Just understand, there is no guarantees regardless of getting accepted into the program. Just keep pushing forward and remaining persistent.

Good luck.
Thank you TheWiseChief, I understand there is no guarantee. This is something I want and I am willing to do whatever it takes. So if I need to go National Guard to do so, then so be it. I appreciate you taking time to respond and give me advice. Have a good weekend Chief!

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