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hi. my husband is 92f and in fort drum for 2years now. his ETS date was apr 2015. so he reenlisted for 3 more year. couldnt get no reenlisted option due to overstrength mos.
we are trying to PCS to south korea.
he checked his "ASK: and found 3 requistions.
2 of them were to korea. and one of them was fort bliss.
so he selected korea. and it shown him a "Soldier Assignment Information".
it said

6m 2014 05a93
2/2 AVN REpl Inbound

SO, he called branch manager. and he said he dont see nothing and there is nothing he can help my husband out. and this morning he got email from branch said " call me asap. SGT."
so he called him back .
and he is saying : there is no order for anyone right now because of budget. and he said ASK is pool. sometimes, it works, but most of time, it doesnt. he said there is nothing he can't help us out on online.

is there any othe route we can get order to korea since branch manager arent gonna be helpful for us?

thanks for ur time..
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If the branch manager can't/doesn't want to help you, is not much you can do...unless you have some General's phone number on your speed dial, lol.

About the "no order for anyone", i am not sure about that...i am on orders right now, set to PCS in, my guess is the branch manager doesn't want to put your husband on orders. He does have a good reason thou, your husband has to have 36 months on station before PCS to the next one...unless there is an assigment that is short handed, then that Command/Branch will waive the time on station. That doesn't happened very often, only with a few MOS and i doubt 92F is short handed on any assigment.

My advise is to keep trying the ASK and volunteer for whatever shows available there, and hope that one day it might happen.

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