attending counterintel special agent course

I just finished my 35L interview and am awaiting hrc's approval into the CI mos but i had a few questions?

1 If i get TDY in route will the army pay for me to move my family to FT hachucka?

2 I'm coming off a deployment and don't really want to spend any more time than i have to away from my family will the school house allow me to live off post with my family?
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1. No
2. I don’t really think they will care. You most likely will be living off post anyways. But if you do bring your family you will be paying for it out of your own pocket, as the Army is only providing Per Diem for you to reside there, and not your family.

I personally would not recommend bringing your family to CISAC. While I understand that you are coming off of a long deployment. CISAC can be a very intensive course with a lot of long days. Having your family present could prove to be an unnecessary distraction.
If it's a TDY course you would have to pay for moving the family there, and probably for moving them to your next duty station.

You would get BAH for where they were "supposed to be" living, or Ft Huachuca, whichever is LOWER.

Your Command will not be able to help you much in any family issues, and remember at AIT you are LOCKED INTO training- any family "emergencies" will be very hard for you to take care of.

Plus the distraction issues JC35L3P mentions.

How long is the training?
Waiting on my school date for CISAC as well. Was wondering, should I expect anything from branch aside from my ATRRS school reservation? The ATRRS site doesn't have a whole lot of info. I've managed to establish that I'll need civ clothes, suits, and acu/apfu. Any other random tips anyone might have?
I was approved for the course a couple of months ago. I have an ATRRS reservation for mid summer. A buddy of mine has been waiting almost 5 months for his approval from HRC, mine took just over 2 1/2 months. I'm pretty sure they are backlogged due to the move to Knox.

I was told that you could pay out of pocket to get your family out there, and you would only get per-diem at a single soldier rate. From what I was read on the regulations, you will have a follow on assignment prior to reporting to CISAC and you could potentially send them to your follow on assignement. Go to the website when you get your school date and reserve an apartment.
I'm in the process of putting together an application packet for the 35L school as well. I am E5 promotable with 749 points. I've noticed that the cutoff for E6 for 35L is 450. My question is, do I retain promotable status upon completion of the course and change of PMOS, and if so am I going to make cutoff the first month as a 35L?

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