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I've been out of the Army for about eight years now and I have recently re-enlisted as a Reservist. I am trying to get my bearings on things I should be setting up and I am also wondering about my School Date and where I should be looking for that information.

So far, I've got mypay registered, AKO re-activated and updated, obtained an ID, and in-processed with my Reserve unit.

Does anyone have any advice on what else I should be setting up?

Also, during my reenlisment, I was informed that I will have "will train" status to go to AIT school on Jan 23 2012. I am trying to look through my AKO to find any confirmation/notification/orders so I that I am in fact good to go.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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Okay, I have an update on this situation for any future soldiers just coming into the Army or for those prior service men and women who are re-classing or re-enlisting from a long extended ETS, like my case. Reservations for a specific school date does not mean you are going on that school date. What you really need to be paying attention to is orders that will send you that school. That means you have been enrolled and your unit then can send you to school.

Also, you have to have your GTC if you want to get anywhere now a days. Back when I was in the military we still had the paper travel vouchers, so for my situation, once I square away my GTC processing and obtaining I finally can get orders to go to school. Technically, you can still get orders to go to school, but without the GTC, you are not going anywhere and will have to explain why you did not end up at school.

Fortunately, there are other classes only a couple of weeks away. More time for personal training and helping my fellow soldiers in my unit.

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