Actually, we have an AWG here on Jackson. It's extremely good training. More combat focused for today's modern battlefield. It actually gives you a better way of training Soldiers. Actually, we are beginning to implement it more with the new Warriors coming into the Army today. They teach us and we teach them.
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Anyone have any first hand feedback on the AWG? Are they at Bragg or Myer?

If you are talking about Assymetric Warefare Group, they are in Meade as I am thinking about putting in to get assigned to that unit, have to go through the "selection" process though, it takes about a year according to the SGM.
I'm strongly considering trying for this assignment too. I got the email today, sounds interesting. Quick question, does it differ from those other SMU's that I keep getting emails for? One I received told me I'd be on the east coast (not Bragg), another from someone at Bragg and the last one came from Meade.
AWG is one of those SMU's that don't fall under USASOC. To me it looks good, but in the Army everything that looks good isn't always good. Before you make a decision, check out the Civil Affairs Branch. This is an all NCO affair that not many know about. It too has a "selection" and take only the best of the best.

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