Hello, I am German and married to an soldier. I did not get put on his orders and they denied command sponsorship since he already had orders to PCS back to the States. my question is if we are still able to collect BHA since I am still here in Germany. I know he is collecting OHA but this is a lot less than BHA plus we have two housholds because the Army does not let him live in the barracks since he is a married soldier. I really dont know how we can keep up paying all these bills for 2 appartments???
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I am not sure if i understand this right. He is collecting OHA while his duty station is state side?!?! If that is the case, then is wrong, he should collect BHA for the location where he is; and BTW, OHA should be a lot more than BHA.

As for maintaining two households, you have two options, pay fot it out of your own pocket, or move where your husband is. He shouldn't have leave Germany without making sure you can go with him, he could have had an adendum to his orders. Now, you will have to do all the leg work and fix that, if not you will have to pay for your move.

Army will not pay for 2 households...only with few exceptions. Him being station stateside and you left in Germany because he was too lazy to put you on his orders, is not one of the exceptions.
Yes, your husband needs to go to his nearest DEERS (Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System) Office ASAP! There he can put you on insurance, get BAH, etc. He will need your marriage certificate and a copy of your birth certificate.

Once that is done, he should receive BAH with dependents ,and be allowed to live either on-post or off-post with you.

Unfortunately you will have to foot the bill to bring you over to the States, as he has already DEROSed without you.

It seems a little weird that he would leave you behind and return stateside without you.

Good Luck!


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