In April my divorce was finalized (that was delayed due to my exwife refusing to sign the documents). A month later, after taking leave to go home, I remarried to my high school sweetheart, whom I would of married if not for baby drama with the exwife. Now, I was told by my S-1 not to worry about doing the BAH paperwork to include my new wife, instead to keep my exwife info on there. According to them it was all the same. Now four months have passed and am about to leave my unit. DEERS was updated as soon as I returned from leave. But now I am worried that this could really come back to haunt me. I'm lost on what I'm suppose to do next. My leadership says to not worry about changing it but I feel like that is the wrong answer...
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Chief, I believe he is refering to the information within eMILPO and ITAPDB. Was there a date gap between when your divorce was finalized and when you were remarried? Keep in mind its not the date your exwife signed the paperwork but when you received your divorce decree from the court is the effective date.

If there is a date gap between these two dates, then you owe Uncle Sam money. Were you remarried before you received the decree? If so then thats a big no-go.

Take your divorce decree, marriage certificate, birth certificates and all other documents to your PAC to verify dependent location, BAH, BAS, SGLI and other information. The reason is the authorized OMPF document listing was updated November 2012 and birth certificates, etc. are supposed to be in the mob/demob/deploy sections. If you owe its better to get it taken care of now than later.
If there is a date gap between these two dates, then you owe Uncle Sam money

The only way he would owe the government money in this situation is if the Ex-Wife was his ONLY dependent; he would likely owe the BAH: DIFF (DAH W - BAH W/O = BAH DIFF) and NOT a full month's BAH.

However, since the SM intimates he has children (who are likely registered in DEERS), those dependents could be used to justify the BAH W rate he received between marriages.

With all that being said... follow HARDCORPS advice and take all your paperwork in to get the situation TOTALLY straightened out. And in the future ensure you (and your Soldiers) do everything the right way, and take care of yourself.

A side note and semi-rant: It pains me to see SM's go through this when the answer seemed so obvious at the time. Laziness from those doing your BAH paperwork and updating your info could cause you money; however, your OWN laziness is at fault here too... if you would have insisted the paperwork be updated properly months ago, there wouldn’t be this issue today. Take care of yourself, its your career don’t let othesr run it...

And as soon as you figure out the right thing to do, ensure those in your CoC/NCO Support Channel know what right looks like, teach your subordinates (if you don’t have any teach your peers) and learn a valuable lesson which will limit stressors in the future.

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