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I wasnt sure where to ask this but here it goes. I just signed in to on post housing here at Ft. Rucker. I am still on PCS leave from my last unit and will not be signing in here until 19 Aug. I am still receiving the BAH for my last assignment. Is that right since I havent signed in here yet. I am also still receiving recruiter pay. How does all of this work while in transition? The differance in BAH is like $1300 so I want to make sure I dont get shafted in the end. Thanks for the help.
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You're doing the correct thing with the BAH ... you'll keep your current rate until you actually sign in.

As for the recruiter pay, since you are not performing the duties, I would put that money aside, JUST IN CASE someone wants to push an issue; unless a former recruiter on here can shed some more light.
I would suggest you call or go visit finance, which is on the first floor of BLDG 5700, (the same building you signed for housing at)

Defense Military Pay Office
Mon., Tue., Thurs., Fri. – 0730-1530
Wed. - 0730-1200
PHONE: Com (334) 255-3939/9922 or DSN 558-3939/9922


To my understanding, if you are on leave under the DA31 from your losing command, you should still keep the last month's BAH. That number, is the official source though. Hope this helped. Welcome to Fort Rucker.
This is a great question. It made me think of my own situation. I'm closing in on my first PCS at the end of this year. I'm currently in Korea (living off post) and headed to Germany after 30 days in the states. Will I be receiving an extra month of BAH while on leave? This would be nice as I plan to spend a lot of time traveling (hotels).

AR - Can you shed some light on this? Maybe I need to sit down with finance to figure out how this works????

Sorry to borrow your thread six3mike but this really is a great topic that I was not aware of until today.

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