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I’m going to PCS very soon to Germany from FT Riley. I currently live in Quarters. I do not have concurrent travel for my family. I will have to live in the barracks until housing is available. DO I get BAH for Fort Riley or where my Family will actually be? I read the DoD Financial Management Reg VOl 7a and the situation is not in the reg. Can some please provide some input and facts to back it up? Or, point me in the right direction? Thank you.
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After reading the DOD Fianancial Managment Regulation.. :shock: ..I would visit your S1 and see if they can relay the question to a finance clerk or write it on a Pay Inquiry. Pay Inquiries are usually answered within 3-5 working days if you go thru your PAC.

Your circumstances is different unlike on page 47 where it states your dependents will retain permanent residence in the US or it's a restricted tour. I would think they'd get your old duty location's BAH, but to make SURE go through your PAC.
A friend in the same situation just PCSed and they told him he would get the Rate of fort riley and not where his family would be. THat doesnt sound right to me. Any Finance out there that can help please? He's an E6 and was kicked out of the finance office. They said he was right but it was too much money. Sounds shady to me... Thats Fort Riley.
in my experience, if your orders say dependants are not authorized, you will get BAH for where they currently are. If your orders say dependants are authorized, you will get BAH for where you currently are, regardless of where they are.

Again, this is just my experience, others may be different
I work finance and when you pcs you will get the baq II with dependent rate until you sign into fort riley. Once there you will get the fort riley rate. The only time you get BAH for where your dependents are is if they cannot go with you (ie. medical) or you are on an all-other tour overseas.
There is no way to get BAH for where they are due to the fact that they "could" go with you and stay in the hotel and you get TLE until you find a place to stay.
hope this helps.
I am at fort Riley now. I am PCSing to Germany. Housing is not avalable for 2-3 months. Can I get BAH for Where they are going to be at or do I get thte Fort Riley Rate? They will Be in CA untill Housing becomes avalable in Germany. Thank you notatypical1.
If the orders state that it is deferred travel is authorized for dependents and that they will be in CA during this time yes it will be the CA rate. If it just says deferred travel for dependents you will get BAQ II. Just don't do like some people and decide at the last minute that their dependents are staying in the states but the orders say they will be in germany with you, cause you won't get anything for them until you get the orders amended stating they are staying in the states.

no problem.

Since you PCSed to Germany you need to work towards bringing your family over there. Your Commander and NCO will be tracking that. Germany is NOT a family restricted tour, it is 100% command sponsored. Yes, you will have to stay in the barracks until you find family quarters in Germany, especially if there is a waiting line for on-post housing. I know for a fact there is plenty of off-post housing there! Usually even if you are a Private E-1 you are authorised to live off-post IF on-post family housing is not available.

You need to find a housing, get passports, airplane tickets for your family (that is usually a part of levy briefing) and bring them to Germany. Once you sign a lease go to finance and they will start your Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) and pay you a one-time Move In Housing Allowance (MIHA). You will have to move out of the barracks and make all effort to bring the family! Until finance starts your OHA you will be drawing BAH for Ft. Riley. While you are in U.S you will ALWAYS be drawing BAH based on your permanent duty station which is Fort Riley while you are in process of getting housing in Germany. remember, you are not moving your family anywhere else in CONUS, you are moving them OCONUS to Germany. On the day they arrive to germany you must go to finance and ask them to start Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) for your family members. Enroll them into local TRICARE and if you chose it, TRICARE Dental.

The only one way you can leave your family in the US while you're on orders to Germany is a VERY significant reason like divorce, extreme health issues requiring US-based treatment not available in Germany, or if your spouse is in process of getting US Citizenship and simply can not get a US passport to join you in Germany.

If you are not bringing them there (which sounds very weird!), then you will spend 3 years in the barracks because Finance is NOT going to pay you huge european OHA if your family is not coming. I saw that happen before and it's better to tell your Commander upfront they are not coming. As a married Soldier you are on a 36-months Command-sponsored tour.

The only place they are going to be at is Germany! Do not plan to move them somewhere else and expect to get a higher than Ft. Riley BAH.

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