Ok so here is a question I have been having trouble with lately. My BN S1 and I have gone round and round about this badge for a while, and Im pretty sure Im right as I am going off the regulation.

The Basic Aviation Badge may be awarded to Soldiers upon successful completion of formal advanced individual training (AIT) in one of the following Career Management Fields or Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) listed below:
(1) CMF 15 graduates.

(2) CMF 67 graduates from 7 April 1983 through 30 September 2003.

(3) MOS 68 graduates after 31 December 1985.

(4) MOS 93; 93C and 93P graduates who graduated from a CMF 67 AIT after 31 December 1985 (with a documented AIT Diploma); 93B graduates from 7 April 1983 through 1 January 1998; 93D graduates from 7 April 1983 through 30 September 1996.

(5) MOS 71P graduates prior to 30 June 1984.

(6) MOS 35: Soldiers holding MOSs 35L, 35Q, and 35W who graduated from a CMF 67 AIT prior to 30 September 1996.

Now the issue I am having is that I graduated from AIT in 1999, and at the time the badge was not authorized unless you were on flight status. Now its authorized for wear upon graduation. My BN S1 is saying I need the orders for the award in order to have it added to my ERB and be authorized to wear it. How do I get orders for it? When I graduated my MOS was 67R. According to the regulation, it says CMF 67 graduates from 7 April 1983 through 30 September 2003 are authorized to wear the award, and I clearly fall into that time frame. Where do I go from here?
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That may have been the problem. My last unit S1 fucked everything up, until about half way through our deployment they got a new NCOIC that came from Brigade and he sorted that shit out quick. I remember after I had been to the board, they lost the box with everyone's promotion files in them. I went to add points right before I was supposed to go out on mission for a week or so, so I could make the deadline to add points for the next month. I check my ERB the day before I leave and I went from having like 600+ to like 400 something!!!
So I took my whole love me book over to S1 and they had lost everything except the board proceedings and like my PT card and weapons card and I had to add everything else in. Idiots.
I'm pretty sure S-3 (in aviation units its called Flight Ops) will be the one to do this for you. If you look further down in the Reg, it mentions the qualifications for your senior and master aviation badge. Just like the Parachutist badge, S-3 tracks how long you have been on flight status and how many jumps you have.

They put in the paperwork and submit it so you get your stuff.
Get with USAALS at Ft Eustis is the best advice I can give then unless you are a P or Q, then get with the school house at Rucker. Scan and e-mail a copy of your graduation certificate and see if they can make up some orders for your badge. Thats where I got mine from but they just did it and posted it to my OMPF when I was a PVT

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