Batteries for a Chem light??

Focus fluid for the camera lenses. We had instructors at AIT sending their students all over our school house asking for this. Too funny.

And speaking of the "exhaust sample", my first FTX at Bragg, I had the Motor Pool NCO try and send me down to help a SPC (P) get an exhaust sample. There she was, on her hands and knees with an empty gatorade bottle holding it up to the exhaust of a HMMWV. I told her they were giving her crap and she still refused to stop saying that since he outranked her, she was going to do what he said. While I can appreciate her respecting the rank, all I did was tell him "Okay SGT, I'll be more than willing to do it as long as you show me where in the TM to find the proper procedure for this." He looked at me like I had 10 heads and told me just to drive on. LOL
be careful with what you say. There are actual chem lights that do take batteries now. Also when I was stationed in Korea we sent a new kid on the quest to get a box of grid squares. The pvt came back with a cut up map......

The ones I liked the most was go check for soft spots in a Bradley's armor by tapping on it with a hammer.

Go check the bradley's shocks by jumping on it to see if it moves.

Or, go get an exaust sample from the vehicle. Send them out with a garbage bag to catch the exaust fumes, sit back and laugh...
I have heard and used:

Blinker fluid,
Brake fluid,
Muffler bearings,
muffler belts,
Referring to radios: remember the prick-77, well how about a prickee-7 (prick E-7),
we had a former Air Force guy running all over the motorpool one day for squelch oil, the civilians mechanics even sent him all over!!
ID 10 t (idiot) forms is a great one to have them ask a prickee-7 for.
We have done the standards (winter air, batteries for a chem light, grid squares) and gotten many a soldier with them.

Sent a brand new e-fuzzy for a fluex capacitor for the LMTV. The Motor Pool NCOIC laughed so hard he cried. Kid looked so damn serious.

I gotta do the prickee-7 and the exhust sample with a on the next new guy.

Worst one I did was the patch change on my 1SG just before ge got his SGM. Dude lost his damn mind. The smoking sucked but the laugheter everyone else got (including the COL) was well worth it.
Originally posted by ATC MAINTENANCE MAN:
if anyone is in radar sections the video fluid leek is a good one.

You tried to get me with that one! Luckily I saw through it. Didn't you get someone by breaking a chem light and spreading it all over the radar saying there was a signal leak? You all had the poor sucker in full mopp gear cleaning it up. Man you guys were mean. HA!!!
This is more of just a classic prank, but one time we had been getting geared up for an NBC chamber when it ended up getting called off. We had one SPC that wouldn't quit complaining about having to go. He didn't hear that the training had been canceled, so we decided to have some fun with him. We started telling him rumors that they were gonna use a new type of CS gas that was more potent, and that in previous years they'd make us keep our masks off for up to five minutes in the chamber. The guy really started to sweat over it. We even got the 1SG and the civilians in on the joke.

Come the day of, we told him he had to go to an earlier iteration than the rest of us. As he drove out to the site where the chamber was located we called him and let him in on it. We had a good laugh and told him it was a lesson in minimizing on the b****ing.

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