I am a SGT looking to change my MOS from 15P to 96B. I will have 10 years on 18 AUG 07. There is a 3B bonus for this MOS. Do I have to graduate my new mos before my 10 years in order to receive the bonus? My reenlistment NCO says yes, but I'm not sure.
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Originally posted by david L:
My reenlistment NCO says yes, but I'm not sure.

Why aren't you sure? Didn't your Reenlistment NCO (or Career Counselor tell you)? Are there trust issues with your Reenlistment NCO / Career Counselors?

They are 100% correct in their information. You must be IN the B Zone (6-10 years AFS) to receive a B Zone bonus.

You must be qualified through training and hold the MOS you are reenlisting for a bonus in. This will not happen until your gradute AIT.

(Just so you know, I have told all the soldiers i know what a great service you provide to all of us everyday)

I am trying to reclass. My question is, can qualifications be waivered? This is for the BEAR and by way of 4187. If the requirements say I need a 110 ST, and I have a 106, what are the chances of me being awarded the MOS?

My mos of 68J is OS and I am currently inside of my window. my ETS is 13DEC08.

Without going to the FAST class to improve these scores, how, or is it possible for me to get into these MOS's I'm interested in, with a waiver?

Thanks ... if we can just educate our junior Soldiers, they can in tun be better leaders and pass all the information along for years to come.

As for your question, it depends on the MOS you'd like to go into. Tell me what MOS you'd like and I'll give you a POC to talk with to see if they waive qualifications. They will tell you yes or no and if yes, you'll see your Career Counselor to get the waiver initiated (I will even send you an example of a waiver request).
46R, Public Affiars

68K, Medical Laboratory Specialist

68X, Mental Health Specialist

68P, Radiology Specialist

68H, Optical Laboratory Specialist

68A, Biomedical Equipment Specialist
Greetings to everyone, I need some answers and support regarding my enlistment process.
I have tried to get enlisted since early July; by the 15th of the same month I passed my ASVAB test at the Meps (i'm attaching my score report with this email). But before they sent me to take my Physical, my recruiter in charge showed me in the computer all the MOS specialties that opened after she submitted my name, code and score. She and I were surprise because 5 medical MOS (68 P,K,Q,A,W) showed in the row ready to pick up or get reserve, but a big inconvenient didn't allow me to choose my desired P68( Radiology specialist) MOS right away. My waiver wasn't ready! I was charged with a misderminor DWI in 2004, almost 10 years ago and since then i had not committed any other infraction, misderminor, felony or warrant of any kind. Since day one I expressed my interest on that particular MOS P68, and I only was waiting for that waiver to get approved while I crossed fingers wishing that P68 won't close up in my face.
Well, by now I do believe i picked the worst recruiting office in town, the first recruiter to take care of my paperwork was Sergeant. 1 , then after a few weeks they passed me with Sergeant 2, she took me to the MEPS to take the ASVAB and showed me my MOS options, then after a month i got kicked with Sergeant. 3, He took charge of my case and set up an interview with an army officer to explain my DWI case and why i want it to enjoy the Army, I passed this interview with no problem. A few weeks later he took me the hotel to get my physical done. I assumed after i passed my physical I could finally have the chance to choose my MOS, sing up and pledge but that wasn't the case. I got stuck with this Sargent for almost 2 months, always giving me pity excuses why my waiver was taking too long, to the point that I certainly started believing that these people at this specific recruiting office weren't taking me serious. Finally, after 3 months of trying to get enlisted the Station Commander Sergeant 3 showed up and took me to his office. I thought he had my waiver approved and ready to process but NO, he said that they weren't ready because some more paperwork was needed and even tried to brain wash me to convince me to pick whatever specialty will be open when the time is right. he said by tomorrow noon (wednesday, October 9th) I'll be ready to go, sign and pledge. Off course I will negotiate on my behalf.
I personally believe there must be some kind of bullshit involved, and even I thought several times to find another recruiter for my own good. Since the beginning of my enrollment process I was couch by my uncle who is about to retire from the Army after 24 years of active duty. He trained me and taught me a lot about the way how the Army life rolls.
Well , My uncle doesn't have any friend recruiter what's so ever. i am not sure if you have one or not but if you do, this is what i want to get. I'm not sure if recruiters are the only ones who can get into your files and find out which MOS are open for each candidate at a specific period of time, if this is the case I want to find out a friendly recruiter who can tell me when P68 is available to be chosen.
By this time I think several bad things about the recruiting office that had been handling my case. Maybe they need to feel up the quota with lame specialties and they intent to brake me so I end up picking whatever they want me to pick, or even the thought that my waiver was approved long ago but they wanted to make sure I won't be as stubborn for that particular MOS, I even consider to choose 68K Laboratory Specialist.

Thanks for your time , hope you all are doing great.

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