I am an 11B PFC recently back from deployment and am wanting to reclass. My reasons are family related. I have been reading about the BEARs program and have been getting different information from different sources. I have known people that reenlisted through this program with 3 or more years left on their contract but everything I have read says you can't re-up early. Can anyone give me some clarity on this issue. Please only post if you are a recruiter/retention NCO or if you have participated in the BEARs program.

I have been in for 21 months and have another 3 years on my contract. I scored a 98 on my ASVAB and have a 138 GT. So I qualify for any job.

Thanks for the help
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Click on the BEAR program link and it will have the current message. It should explain everything.

I don't know what you mean about reenlisting early. The BEAR program you extend to cover your school and 2 years after. Then when you complete training you are eligible to reenlist for the bonus. Hence the name Bonus Extension And Reenlistment program.

I don't know how it works if you still have 3 years left, my guess is you don't need to do the initial extension, but I may be wrong. Check the site out for current info.
First, the Bonus Extension and Retraining Program is open to Soldiers 24 months prior to ETS. No exceptions. As Erik said, it is an extension, not a reenlistment. That doesn't come until after you graduate the training.
Second, your friend was mistaken. If an option was to reclass or get out due to medical issues, it would have been through an MMRB or MAR2, depending on when and where it happened.
Third, ASVAB scores alone do not "qualify you for every job". Each MOS has specific requirements and are often in addition to lines scores, such as security clearances, specific tests or classes etc....
Lastly, "I've heard" is indicative of "Barracks Lawyer" talk. I wouldn't ask a mechanic to treat me for a heart condition, I'd go see a Doctor. In this case, go see your Career Counselor. Talk is free and That's what we get paid for. Good luck in your future endeavors.

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