Becoming a Helicopter Pilot in the Army

Hey guys, I'm interested in learning more about how to become a helicopter pilot in the Army and I figured I'd give a few forums a try. I've done some research and I know most of the general stuff about the steps to achieving my goal but I always can learn more. Here's my background info.

I'm 20 years old and about 5'9" 180 lbs.

I am a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison pursuing a degree in Geoscience and I've got about a 2.8 GPA through the fall semester of my junior year. I do plan on finishing college.

I have yet to take the AFAST or the ASVAB.

I played soccer so I'm fairly athletic and in good shape.

However, I have no prior military experience. I know that's something that's preferred. I do have an army Major who has told me he'd be willing to write me a letter of recommendation.

I understand I'm fairly early in the process but I'm wondering if any of you who are knowledgable about this subject could give me an idea of what my chances of being selected are as of right now. Any other information you could give me would also be of great value to me. Thanks guys.
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Two options-

1. Go Commissioned Officer and request Aviaiton and *HOPE* you get it. The Army is just as likely to throw you into any other field.

2. Go Warrant Officer and you are guaranteed if you are accepted you will be a pilot IF you pass all the training. WOs get more flying hours in their career than Officers, because the "Regular" Officers get stuck doing deskwork and "leadership" stuff.

Prerequisites for Warrant Officer Aviator are here
specifically MOS 153A.

As far as selection rates- it's hard to get into either program. It's competitive, "Regular" Officer you must finish your degree first OR enlist then apply and get selected in a program which will let you finish, but that's hard as well.

You could check this site out, I found from Googling "Warrant Officer Selection Rates".

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