Becoming a warrant

1- everything he needs to go Warrant can be found from here

2- That's awesome that you're helping him out, but many many Soldiers frown on the spouse getting involved. It creates confusion and the person you're talking to might think "Why isn't the Soldier asking me this instead of the spouse? The Soldier must be (lazy/dumb/unmotivated/whatever)."
--I have a friend who wanted to apply, his boss (CW3) was going to write a letter of recommendation. At a social function my friend's wife said thanks to the Boss for the letter which hadn't been written yet. CW3 took it the wrong way and thought friend's wife was hassling him about it, and so told my friend "Tell your wife to mind her own business," and refused to write the letter. ((how does that look to the board when your own boss doesn't write a letter of recommendation? -he didn't get selected.))

3- Your husband needs to check the requirements NOW, he might be too old to apply already. I'm not looking them up because

4- The Warrant Officer is a self-sufficient, personally motivated, dedicated individual who knows how to use resources, find answers, and 'get things done'. Applying is part of proving he has what it takes to be a Warrant Officer- I haven't met a Warrant Officer yet who would walk someone through the process. If they needed that kind of guidance, they wouldn't be successful as a Warrant Officer.

He needs to read practically everything on that website. If he needs help, I'd be more than happy to answer specific questions. It's well worth the trouble, I highly recommend it- and good luck/Godspeed to you both!

CW2, Signal Corps
You're absolutely welcome. Smiler

As long as you don't tell name or unit here, this forum is usually a 'safe' place to get info. The minute the spouse starts calling offices on base or sending emails, is when it could look negative on the Soldier.

Going Warrant was the best thing in the Army I could imagine- I originally planned to do 5yeas then ETS out, however my son's health issues changed that plan 7years ago. (He was born with heart defects- he's had 2 open heart surgeries and is doing great!)

There's nothing wrong with staying NCO- but in my opinion I wasn't a good NCO. I didn't get in trouble, I can't understand why Soldiers DO get in trouble, in my opinion they're all adults when they signed up so I don't want to babysit or have to hold someone's hands through the basic stuff.

I enjoy the technical portion of the job, so now I get to put all my focus there and let the NCOs deal with the Joe who's late to formation, having family problems, needs to work on PT, whatever. I'm not a very good "people person" so I think I serve the Army better letting someone else do the "people stuff".

The higher an NCO gets up the ladder, the less they will have time to really work on their MOS. I enjoy the MOS so it's the best I could imagine.

Oh and don't think it's less work- I've called my wife 100times LESS this deployment, and work longer hours back at Garrison. We knew that coming in though, and she was supportive of it all. (does she just like the extra money?? Big Grin )

Anyway, I really do hope it works out for ya'll- Ask if you have questions.
Expressy (lol),

I see that your husband has been trying since 2011 at the age of 42 (the age that I was selected) and now is pushing or not already 45.

Did he pick up E-6? You said he is an analyst so I am thinking he is attempting MI 350F; correct? That is highly competitive.

Well, we will await your response.

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