Being a future soldier for over a year.

I joined the Army Reserves almost a year ago and my contract got renoed and i still havent gone to basic training. I didnt lose an incentives but im worried i will get renoed again and be a future soldier for over a year(My job has a long AIT). I hear that you cannot be a future soldier for longer than 365 days. So what happens if you are? Do you lose you incentives? MOS?
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I don't think you will lose any incentives.

Specifically for your bonus, see section VII item 3 of your bonus addendum. You're scheduled for AIT not on the job training. This service school is not following a voluntary MOS or unit change. These time frames would not apply to your situation.

From what I'm reading, if you fail to become MOS qualified within 24 months, your bonus could be suspended, but would be reinstated after you became qualified. No loss there since you don't get paid until you complete IET anyway.

You enlisted in November, and it looks like you were supposed to ship to Jackson roughly a month ago. What exactly did they tell you at MEPS?
Thanks for the help, well about a month after i joined i was told my fingerprints were not good enough. So i re did them and i thought everything was fine. So i go to MEPS to ship out on July 28th. They tell me i need to redo my fingerprints again or i dont ship. I finished them and they said i couldnt ship because Fort Jackson didnt get them. So i tired to ship out 2 other times before my contract was renoed. Well it turns out they never got the fingerprints (not sure if they mail them?) so i had to reno the contract for the next available training for my MOS which is 35F. So now i ship out on Sept 23rd to Fort Jackson. I guess the big deal was because of my clearance i was told you could get a wavier for them if you dont have a high clearance.

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