What are some workouts or practices best prepped you for BCT?
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Just run a lot, and do pushups/situps. Or any variation on those exercises. It's not tough, if you're in decent shape the army will improve you in basic.
1- DO NOT HURT YOURSELF. Any exercising you do, take it easy, stretch as necessary, if it hurts badly- DON'T DO IT.
2- See #1. Seriously.
3- You will get plenty of exercise at BCT. But if you want to start now, run and walk some, do some pushups (see youtube videos on how to do them properly) and situps (again, don't strain anything- go easy and on a padded surface..)

Your first week at BCT you will need to run a mile in 10min or less and like 10 pushups and 10-20 situps. Then the real fun begins. Smiler So run a mile or two without stopping a few times per week, more if you are used to running.

But again- SEE RULE #1!
If you stress your body out now you'll be hurting at Basic.
When I joined the Army I had never done any significant running. You need to run, jog, and stretch, then run some more. You being able to pass the running portion of BCT will be an advantage to you. Run and stretch.. do a lot of stretching. But most importantly start as soon as you can. You want to build your endurance so a gradual is ideal. Run 0.25 miles for 3 days then 0.5 miles for 5 days, then 1 mile, then 1.5 then 2. I would practice running 2.5 until you leave for BCT. I would also make sure you can do about 30 push up and 60 sit ups. Good Luck, and remember that nothing good comes easy.
Just to clarify- those are good goals for guys.
Obviously the gals don't have to be able to run quite as fast, and just 20 pushups (to the standard) would be outstanding.

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