Best way I've found to study - help contribute quality material!

So I've been studying for the board quite a bit recently, and I'll be going in September/October, PT score willing.

Anyhow, during the course of my search online for good study material, I came across this method.

The basic explaination for how it works is in there, and the best part is, you can do it at your own pace.

So, here is something I would like to organize. There isn't much Army Study Guide material on the site, and I think it would be great if every participating member would be willing to copy and paste an entire topic of the Army Study Guide study topics into a new flashcard set on the site, making a comprehensive database of all the material any soldier in the future will ever need.

If you're interested in contributing to this, feel free to post which section you will be doing so there will be no over-lapping efforts, and please, commit to finishing what you start. Also, please commit to quality transription of the data on each flashcard. To start a new study guide topic, just click "New Flashcard Set" near the top of the screen. you will be prompted to create an account, this is to facilitate tracking your progress using the system, and to allow you to keep track of your personal flashcards.

To standardize our collective database, we will follow a format that looks like this

Title: Army Study Guide - Leadership
Description: Army Study Guide flashcards covering the topic of: Leadership (FM 6-22)
Subject (meta tags for searches): board leadership

The "subject" line allows you to study as specific or broad as you like. Once all the flash cards are made, soldiers will be able to click 'board' and study every question if they like, or just questions pertaining to 'weapons' or even more specific, just 'm4' flashcards.

If the topic is a subtopic of another, like M4 is a subtopic of Weapons, the title will follow this example format:

Army Study Guide - Weapons - M4 - 5.56 mm Semiautomatic Rifle

Be sure to add both weapons and m4 to the subject search tags.

If a flashcard's content is bulletized or in another list form, and one or more of the points is more than one line long, please add line breaks between each of the points for ease of reading. Example:

What are the three levels of leadership?

1. Direct - Direct leadership is face-to-face, first-line leadership.

2. Organizational - Organizational leaders influence several hundred to several thousand people. They do this indirectly, generally through more levels of subordinates than do direct leaders.

3. Strategic - Strategic leaders include military and DA civilian leaders at the major command through Department of Defense levels. Strategic leaders are responsible for large organizations and influence several thousand to hundreds of thousands of people.

The link for the topic tree can be found here. I would advise clicking the title and copying from the questions and answers on that page, that seems like the most straightforward way to do it.

EDIT: I have completed the Leadership and Counseling flashcards, they only took me about 20-30mins each! They can be found here:

Weight Control
Weapons - M16/A2-M4
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