So, as I was entering the dining facility here on my COB I removed my gloves and placed one on each side of my carrying handle from my weapon with the use of the attachment clip. They are standard issue gloves, nothing fancy, just plain black leather with black inserts. Anyway, I removed them from my hands and secured them there. As I was opening the door to the hand washing area of the dining facility I heard a 1SG, who I know, ask if I would allow my Soldiers to do the same. I replied, I would because they are simply using it as a practical manner to store them as they would wash their hands. Afterwards they can remove them and secure them elsewhere. He then replied with the classic line "Does AR 670-1 say you can put them there?" In which I responded, "1SG, AR 670-1 has not been updated since 2005 and any new messages concerning the wear and apprearance of the uniform do not cover anything specific over the wear of gloves. And the USF-I uniform poicy letter does not cover it as well. There is nothing that I am aware of that states you cannot temporarily hang your gloves from your weapon." He then says: "There are plenty of messages that cover this you should follow the standard." Then he walks in a different direction than I did.

I kept laughing because I know what he was trying to call me out on was BS. Is anyone aware of any policy that rebuttles this? Just read AR 670-1 for the 50th million time in my career and all ALARACT Messages concerning the wear of uniforms, NOTHING! I am pretty sure that a Commander can add this to a uniform SOP, but I am in his unit and know for a fact that our BC does not have a uniform policy letter or standard. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. If I came off like my ish doesn't stink, it was not my intention. I am simply someone who does not like to be corrected for someone's personal views on how this uniform should be worn because I follow policies regarding it at all times. Thanks.
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Sounds like a FOB rat 1SG with a little too much time on his hands imo. I could be wrong but hey, that's what it looks like when you hang out at the hand washing station at the DFAC in country.
Unless what he told you to do what illegal, immoral or unethical you should probably comply. Now, if he didn't tell you specifically to take them off and just said 'you should follow the standard' then you should be free to do as you wish.
Originally posted by SSG Lulu:
Unless what he told you to do what illegal, immoral or unethical you should probably comply.

Even though there is no reg, there is always "professionalism". There are plenty of other things you could do with gloves for a minute. Were your pockets full?

At the same time, you aren't wrong saying it's not in a reg. I think the 1SG could have said "once you're finished washing your hands, please put them somewhere else, that doesn't look professional."

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