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ok so my Pl put me in charge as the new commo guy for our PLT. so i was working on the BFT n the touch screen would not register, i tried recalibrate it but still nothing. I could use the keyboard but touch screen is not working .. can some one help me with this
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Where are you located? If you are in Afghanistan, there are many civilian FSRs that could support you. Also, is there a local S6/commo shop at your location? Are you 25 series?

Here is a good link that you access with your CAC card and start poking.

Many times as signal I have to learn stuff on my own.

But you can email the support on this page


DSN: 312-648-2119

Commercial: 443-395-2119

Northcom / Southcom / Pacom / Eucom
BGN2 VoSIP: 302-691-2105

BGN2 VoSIP: 302-691-2105

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