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This is definitely an enigma that I have been trying to solve for the last couple of months or so. My HRC branch Manager was down here on station for the last week and she wasn't even able to answer the question for me, she just told me more of what I was already was tracking.

Anyways, just a bit of history on myself... I am ALC phase II qualified but still not ALC Phase I qualified due to circumstances that I was not able to control. Upon my last deployment Soldiers were offered ALC Phase I training downrange but I was not able to attend that training either due to OPTEMPO... Long story short, I am now my unit schools NCO and the rumor mill is ever growing in regards to ALC Phase I training not existing anymore, or now it's been tacked on to the Phase II portion of ALC, or it does exist on-line somewhere as a Distance Learning product that you must be enrolled in through ATRRS (My BDE Schools NCO doesn't even know). I am getting closer though to finding out the great mystery of ALC Phase I Common Core though, I can feel it in my blood!

So the real question here is, why is this Common Core piece of ALC so difficult to find and register for??? I may not make my Seven because of this! As soon as I find out how to register or whatever it takes to get ALC Phase I complete then I will post a detailed Power Point Slide Show on here so that we are all tracking! The Army cannot afford to impede professional development and growth amongst it's ranks that deserve it, as well as career progression!
The United States Army Sergeants Major Academy has a site on AKO for Advanced Leaders Course. It also has a section for VTT (I guess that's the DL part) but since I am not enrolled I cannot access it. Plus I've been told that ALC Phase I DL is completed through ATLAS.

Weird stuff, let me tell you.
Hope this helps everyone
Advanced Leaders Course Common Core (ALC CC) Enrollment Request

Human Resources Command (HRC) will schedule all AC Soldiers to attend ALC-CC. USARC and NGB, in conjuction with the states, will schedule their Soldiers according to their specific requirements. Deployed and otherwise eligible Soldiers who are coded as unavailable for ALC may request enrollment with the approval of the first O-5 in their chain of command. The unit must submit a memo thru chain of command to HRC requesting Soldier's enrollment in ALC-CC. Send to AHRC-EPF-S or email at . The approval of the request will depend on available slots

I have another update. If your interested in enrolling in ALC-CC.

You can send an email with your SNL to the email address listed on the message itself or to Mr Baptiste, who is the HRC point of contact for ALC-CC, her number is DSN 221-5362 or email her at .
Sgt Lulu, I was actually placed in the course. I got an email through ATRRS. My course started 14 OCT and is ending 12 JAN. You are right, the course is entirely online, but there are instructors that monitor your progress and grade your practical exercises,just like online college courses, so I would assume that is the reason you have to wait until April for an opening. I'm thinking they can only handle so much of a classload. Hope that helps
The quizzes and tests are easy for the most part. The key thing is knowing how to research information, just like anything else in the army.

It's common core so all the subjects cover basic army stuff; PT,leadership, army writing, EO etc... The practical exercises mainly consist of leadership scenarios that require you to use your experience and resources to determine the best course of action. Some of them are pretty interesting I would say.

Finally, even though you have some 90 days to complete the course, if you put some effort into it you can complete the course within 30-45 days. Your chain has to allot you time to work on assignments, at least that is the directive put out.
I can only assume that "they" have reached their max occupancy rate for this upcoming ALC CC scheduled to start this APRIL time frame. Did you get the "memo" format for the ALC CC request along w/the DA FORM 4187 template? I suggest talking to your SCHOOLS NCO further assistance. I have the aforementioned data on file, so let me know if I may be able to assist as well.

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