Quick question, I’m tired of getting the run around by my S1 on this question. BNCOC waiver. What information is out there on this? What form does it go on? Who does it get send to? What wording has to be on it?

In my MOS trying to get the Army to pay for any thing past Phase 1 is almost imposable. And I have already paid almost 800 bucks out of pocket (non GI Bill/TA money mind you) for Phase 2-3. Little did I know that my MOS is eligible for the waiver. I’m in the reserves so that makes it a bigger problem trying to get into a BNCOC class.
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And that’s what I always thought until I ran into a SFC in my MOS who only attended Phase 1. He went on to tell me about the waiver, since there is no seats for Phase 2-what ever it is now since they keep changing it, we can get a waiver. I only think it’s a year or two waiver thou. But still in that time I might be able to get the Army to flip the bill for the rest of BNCOC, or at lease I could gather up the money for another class. Would be nice if it was like a normal MOS where you get BNCOC.

To be honest in the past 13 years we have not had one E-7 in the unit (we are a detachment). It’s always been the E-6’s, E-5's, or even E-4's at one point running the show; there are guys who leave the MOS because they thought they would never get SFC. Hell I have been dong the job of an E-7 for more then a year now. Might as well get paid for it. The last E-6 that was doing this job did it for 7 years until he got tired of it and passed it onto me.
You could try these. It did not work for me though.

AR 600-8-19, section 1-27-c

c. BNCOC and ANCOC. Active Army, ARNG, and USAR AGR Soldiers otherwise eligible for consideration but lacking the prerequisite level of NCOES as a direct result of operational deployment conflicts, or inability of the Army to schedule the course, will be granted a waiver of the NCOES requirement by the DCS, G–1 (DAPE–MPE–PD). The authority to grant waivers to USAR Soldiers is delegated to the U.S. Army Reserve Command, 7th ARCOM, 9th RRC, U.S. Army Civil Affairs Psychological Operations Command for all TPU Soldiers, and HRC–St. Louis (AHRC–ZA–S/
AHRC–MLS–B) for all IRR and drilling IMA Soldiers. CNGB (NGB–ARH–S) is the waiver approval authority for ARNG. Soldiers selected for promotion to SFC and MSG, whose eligibility resulted from a waiver of the requisite NCOES, will have their promotion held in abeyance until the requisite course is completed.


PPG-Chap 13 / Paragraph 13-9e

(2) Army Reserve TPU Staff Sergeants and Sergeants First Class. Memorandum, US Army Reserve Command, ARRC-PRP-E, 15 Feb 06, subject: Promotion of Army Reserve Soldiers to Master Sergeant (MSG) and Sergeant First Class (SFC): Soldiers unable to attend the required NCOES due to mission requirements or course unavailability may be considered with a waiver for promotion. If recommended, the Soldier will remain on the promotion list until completion of the required NCOES, removal from the list or list expiration. Once the required NCOES is completed, the Soldier may be promoted in list sequence upon availability of a valid vacancy. Soldiers unable to complete the NCOES prior to list expiration may re-compete for promotion.

(5) RC Soldiers will have one year after re deployment/ mobilization to begin the NCOES training. After release from active duty, ARNG Soldiers will follow guidance contained NGR 600-200 Chapter 11.

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