The community thrives to be a professional environment where people can come and get accurate information and answers to their questions or concerns.

Through the use of moderators and admins, the board is moderated heavily. There is also a "flag this post" feature which allows anyone to bring a specific post to the attention of the community administrators.

We can and will alter or edit posts if they contain information which we find to be intentionally misleading. We will also alter or edit posts that contain information which is not professional in nature nor in the best interest of the community.

Don't be hurt if your post was edited. We evaluate each situation and choose the best course of action.

Users that continue to post incorrect information can and will be banned. Each moderator has the ability to ban members.

If you have an issue with your posts being altered or edited, feel free to contact the development team by sending a private message to "admin".

Although the Army helps protect amongst many other things, Freedom of Speech, this community fights to protect the integriy of information exchanged within it.
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