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I cannot imagine why your CSM would postpone the promotion board....probably has something to do with the manner you conduct yourself. If you would tell a higher ranking NCO "Don't be a douche" in a public forum, it is not a far stretch to draw the conclusion you would do the same in person. Just something to consider.
I actually stated the manner in which you conduct yourself. But you obviously brought your attitude into the discussion for a reason. After all, who knows you better than you.

It is not a stretch to believe that any professional Soldier would refrain from telling another Soldier(higher, lower, or equivalent rank) not to be a douchebag.

Don't want to be treated like a dumb private don't do things that would cause others to harbor the opinion you are a dumb private. Just something to keep in mind.
It IS updated as of 27 December 2011. Yes, the CSM can say that since all of his E4's and E5's are douche bags and he will hold a board quarterly is well within his/her right.

Since you want to be a smartass, if you read MILPER Message 11-233, it states that a recorder will still be used, but the system will be used as a GO/NO-GO instead of points.

Anddddddddd, if you are still hungry for knowledge, the MILPER message came out before the RAR version of AR 600-8-19 came out, however, it was never updated in the AR. So submit a DA Form 2028 and request to have it changed, since you are so high speed!
I know...I was using your terminology as to why the CSM wouldn't hold a monthly board.

AR 600-8-19 states that the board WILL be held monthly by the 15th. If there are no eligible E4's or E5's to go to the board (highly unlikely) then yes, they may not conduct a board.

Reserve can hold it quarterly.

Any other questions? No? Carry on!

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