Ok, so I'm about 18 days away from graduating from the 68V course at FSH. I signed up for the BEAR program out of Hunter Army Airfield (3rd ID/3rd CAB): extended for 24 months from the end of training (this is causing one of the issues) with the understanding that I would collect my SRB and be promoted upon graduation. All of this was expressly written on my BEAR contract.

The first issue I'm having is this: ATRRS did not take into account the second phase of training (an additional 4 months) and so my career counselor didn't extend my enlistment that far. When I extended, the MILPER message at the time (March 2012) stated that I had to have 24 months time in service remaining; upon graduating in 2 weeks I'll have 21. According to the reenlistment NCO here at Fort Sam, the number of months required went up sometime after I signed my contract (I have seen no real proof of this).

The second issue that has come up is that my (several others in my class have reported this as well) promotion points have suddenly vanished, as well as my promotable status. As far as I know, that means that when I graduate I will be ineligible for promotion and therefore my SRB (it's only for 20 levels). My reenlistment NCO is adamant that I can reenlist before graduation; if I don't, my orders might be rescinded (I've already begun making preparations to move my family to my new duty station; i.e. housing, HHG, transportation).

Can anyone help clarify my options here? It seems like I'm being treated as though I am at fault for all this even though the only party in violation of my extension contract is the US Army and HRC! My original contract should trump any MILPER messages or terms that could have arisen since I reported for school, right? If I reenlist before graduation, will I forfeit my bonus (it was a Tier 6, it's now a Tier 3)? Can I even reenlist before graduating? Wouldn't I bee reenlisting in my current MOS, not my new one? Who's at fault, my original career counselor or my current reenlistment NCO (I understand I bear responsibility for my signature but at the same time, they're supposed to be S.M.E.s on this kind of thing).

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. I can sense the Big Green Weenie coming, but I just can't tell from which direction.
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No, need to re-enlist, just do an extension. But before any of that, I would call HRC direct and talk to someone who really knows whats going on. I am reclassing right now also, and several of us had extionsions for BEAR that were too short, not our fault. They fed us the line of "your orders will be rescinded" too, but everyone stood their ground, and called HRC and confirmed that follow on phases of our school wouldn't be cancelled. This is for 35P though.
So it's all thanks to ATRRS... the system never showed the second half of our school until we were already done with the 1st phase of training. Because of that our career counselors never knew to add 4 more months to our extension. Going to see our retention NCO today about the issue. Already have Branch's number programmed into my phone
Just out of curiosity what was the end status on this? I'm doing BEAR for 35P right now, and it is quite possible that this happened to me as well. I was looking over my contract and the dates don't seem to match up just like what everyone here was describing. Any status updates would be great.
When I attended the 68V class the only Soldiers that fell off of ALI were the ones that didn't pass a PT test for the roughly a year they were at Ft Sam. If this does not apply to you then it could be that you never updated your passing PT test. Check your ERB and if you don't have a current one from at least the past year, this is why.

Unfortunately you may have been in a unit that spoiled you by updating the PT test automatically.....this is actually how it should be.

What I have seen in actuality is that the Soldier may not necessarily know that it actually is their responsibility to ensure it is updated.

How has this been playing out for you anyways?

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