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Hey guys who can I contact to see if my bonus was actually process. The career counselor who reenlisted me went on leave there are no other ones on post and finance says they don't see it in the system but they also said they don't process reenlistment bonus's. So who does and how can I find out if it was put in the system? I am really curious because I leave to PCS today and don't want to end up in situation where I am waiting 90+ days for a bonus like I have seen some people go through. It is a BEAR reenlistment if that makes a difference. TIA.
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on the finance note.... once reenlistment bonuses are processed, they will show in the finance system.... deffinately sounds like it is not processed yet. Check with other career counselors, they should be able to look it upin their system. At a minimum they should be able to see when or if it was actually submitted.

If you have a copy or the reenlistment contract, verify the bonus is actually listed. Seen a few soldiers that think they were supposed to get a bonus, but it was not in their contract.
Thanks for your advice. My bonus was paid out yesterday. I contacted reenlistment branch directly and discovered that due to furloughs etc. hrc is delayed in processing and approving bonuses at the moment so 3 + weeks looks like the current timeline for approval by HRC. Once it actually got sent to DFAS it took 2 days to show up in my account.
I am still awaiting mine. As a matter of fact....does anyone actually know the timeline and the correct process for a 3year reenlistment bonus to actually go? Is it first year 50%, skip a year, then the last two is the 25%?
In addition, my new contract started 05 OCT 2013 and I am still waiting for mine.

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