Be prepared to go back to Iraq. We're a hot commodity. Also, listen to your NCOs. You're only getting the book version of engineer operations, we know it's just a guideline and the weather isn't going to allow things to happen. Oh, hope you're physically fit and don't mind drastic weather changes. Sapper school is just about mandatory for officers. Hit me up when you get to Ft. Lost.

Just my two cents to start some $#!+ :twisted: :twisted:
Engineers clear and build the way!!!!!
Air Assault!!!
Essayons! (Learn that song)
I still have at least a year and a half left before receiving my commission. I am just one of those people that likes to have a plan before I do anything.

As for sapper do you have to pass the CWST? Any advice on the sapper course? Any other advice you have? I know to listen to my NCO's I was in a NCO position before getting sad to sday I did not acquire the rank before getting out though. Maybe I will in the guard. I am planning on enlisting next weekand finishing my degree.

Help I feel the pull of the dark side...too late :twisted:
Remember that the Engineer Branch is very broad (construction, combat engineer (LT, MECH, Wheeled, ABN), cbt heavy, bridge units, etc.) Are you going on Active Duty or into the RC? As a branch it is great because you will have lots of different opportunities. I have to agree with grlrplmstr. Because the branch is so braod you will get a one over the world view of all different aspects of military engineering during OBC. You will be a master of nothing in particular. When you get to your unit, learn all you can from your NCO's about your specific type of unit.

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