breaks for long AIT's

My MOS is 35W/35P (117 on DLAB) and I leave for Basic next month. I go to DLI straight from basic and as most already know the training period is very long. My question is can you get a few days to a week off upon request? My sister's wedding is in the middle of my training and I wanted to know if there is any possibility that I will be able to take a few days off so I can be there.
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Congrats on your enlistment!

What you ask is VERY UNLIKELY. But not impossible.

The easiest would be taking a long weekend and skipping out on a Thursday/Friday or Monday/Tuesday.

The only 'guaranteed' break is the "holiday exodus" for Christmas/New Years'. Ask her to schedule the wedding on a weekend or between Christmas and New Years'. Big Grin

(And A LOT of what your commander will allow you to do depends on your performance. Work hard at Physical Training, keep your nose clean, work hard, score well on your tests, etc...)
I believe your AIT is Huachuca which is where i currently am. I know from our regs we get weekends off generally and can get leave on weekends and the 4 day comming up in september. Submit your request for leave ASAP when you get here. Oh and yeah you're not likely to get leave on training days but you can get it.

The downside there is that even if you get it you're probably going on hold for your AIT until another class picks up. You should be testing very often, i took a test within 4 days, another 4 days after that and another 7 days after that one. Different MOS but i believe it's fast paced everywhere here.

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