According to the article @ http://justcommonsense-lostina...-military-bases.html due to Obama's minimum wage REGULATIONS, any contractor doing business on a military base must pay their employees $10.10 per hours.

And, it's not just that. This means no more organized athletic program for the military and their dependents, or exercise equipment, or support for social clubs and the like.

I hope every single active duty and retired military reading this puts the jab to your Representative and Senator and urge them to undue this injustice. And, find out their stand on it, remembering it when you go to the polls.
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I'm sorry but I should have added this - and it should make no difference about you sounding off.

On-base fast food outlets get temporary reprieve from new wage rules

The Labor Department has pulled back — at least temporarily — from new minimum wage rules that had led several fast-food restaurants to end their contracts on military installations and prompted others to possibly follow suit.

Labor officials are “reevaluating” wage determinations for fast food workers and expect to “reissue industry-specific fast food wage determinations in the near future,” according to a departmental announcement sent to interested parties and contracting offices.

lvcabbie!! long time no see on the forums (militarytimes, armyforums).

Well, I was on Bagram in 2009-2010 and I remember the intent to close them back then (McChrystal's plan) and it was short lived. They came back; especially loved my Green Beans.

I think those places will be like the USO (until the last person comes home) and personally, if you work in a war zone in any capacity as a civilian contractor, you should receive higher wages.

I know separate from your topic and I am heading to Korea soon and I do enjoy the fast food establishments on-post.

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