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I will be competing in a Regional Soldier of the Year competition in February. I may have to write an essay on the "Call to Freedom Program". I have googled this subject plus looked for information on it in numerous places. Does anyone know what the program is about or know where I can find information on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Never heard of that program; try the USA Freedom Corps at:

OR BETTER YET, you may be wanting this:

There is an enlistment program called the National Call to Service Program; here's some basics:

The National Call to Service Explained
The National Call to Service (NCS) program continues its success as a enlistment program. Since the program began in 2004, the Navy has recruited and trained over 5,000 young men and women, giving them valuable skills, monetary incentives, and the opportunity to support our nation through a valuable national service program.

Cash Incentives
The NCS program offers a choice of one of the following incentives:

A cash bonus of $5,000.
Loan Repayment of a qualifying student loan not to exceed $18, 000.
An education entitlement equal 12 months of the current GI Bill payment rate. ($1,034 effective Oct 1, 2005)
An education entitlement equal to fifty percent of the - less than 3 year enlistment – version of the GI Bill. ($420 effective Oct. 1, 2005)
Program Requirements
The NCS program has a three part service requirement:

First, after completion of initial entry training, you must serve on active duty in a military occupational specialty for a period of 15 months.
After this, and without a break in service, you must serve reenlist for an additional period of active duty, or transition into the Selected Reserve for a period of 24 months.
After completion of this period of service, and also, without a break in service, your remaining obligated service specified in the agreement will be served on active duty in the armed forces, in the Selected Reserve, or in the Individual Ready Reserve. In addition you may have the option to serve in Americorps, or another domestic national service program.
Contact a recruiter if you are interested in the NCS program and would like to learn more.

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Thank you for the feedback. There may be a typo on the MOI which I have to assume since there obviously is no information out there on a "Call to Freedom" program. Thanks for the Link I will look more into the national call to service program, learn it, and hope for the best.

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