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Engineers... do any of you do your 21T job? I have been in the Army for only three years and at both of my duty stations I have landed jobs that have absolutely nothing to do with my MOS. I was just wondering if it was like that for all 21Ts.
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Doggone 21Ts!!!!!!!!!
You don't do your jobs, we have to come back behind you and figure out slopes, soils, compaction, etc. :lol: :wink:
Anyway, Tangos hang out in HQ plt. If there's a horizontal construction mission, they're supposed to survey, prepare, and set the stakes so that we heavy junk operators can see who can come closest to them with the grader without chopping it off before final compaction. The loser buys the beer. 8)
If you end up in a HHC, then you're more than likely to be SDNCO, driver, PAC clerk, etc.
I have 22 years in and originally came in as a surveyor before being granted a "tango". A "tango" was awarded at SL3 and until then you were either a 81B, 82B, or 51G. Be advised that different states have different laws on where you can legally survey as an unlicensed surveyor. Most of the work we use to do was outside the US. Also be advised that the Engineers have been drastically reduced (combat heavies). During the 1980's we were big and busy in Germany, truly the good ol days. Also, to make myself better, I got trained as a topographic and combat engineer. Take every opportunity for cross training and your engineer career will be rewarding.

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