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So I've been placed on assignment to Camp Casey to 1 BCT 2 ID...can anyone give me the single soldier low down on it? last I heard was all Soldiers couldn't drink alcohol? This is also my first time going to Korea. I am a SFC where will I stay at how are the barracks? Is there a lot of Staff duty? My follow on will be Fort Carson :0)
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2ID has a lot of problems when it comes to alcohol related incidents. Though I am not apart of them, I do contracting for them sometimes, and they often have dry periods because the young soldiers tend to act up quite often, especially when Korea is their first duty station. Not really sure about Casey, but most single SFC's live off post it seems, but if they have housing on Casey, you best believe you will be on post. Curfew is 1am and they are brutal when you violate it.
The Senior Enlisted barracks vary greatly from unit to unit at Camp Casey. In general they are decent enough.

The alchohol policies come and go. Whenever there is an incident they ban it for 30 days or keep everyone on post for 30 days etc. but nothing is ever permanant.

I don't recall there being an Staff Duty but you will most likely find yourself doing Company Level CQ every few months and at least when I was there they had a courtesy patrol for E-7 and above when you had to walk the strip of bars outside the base on the weekend and make sure Soldiers werent doing anything too bad.

Youll figure most of it out when you get there but If I could give you just one recommendation it would be to pack light. Clothes are ridiculously cheap over there and youll need room in your luggage unless you wanna pay a 100 dollar penalty per bag for being over the weight limit when you DEROS.
And pack warm...I was there in 2012 and winter was from october to may. Also you will encounter numerous firsts as an E7. Its amazing what these kids these days are doing. Just keep your nose clean, for some reason Seniors tend to get in trouble in Korea as much as the junior enlisted. My recommendation is to not get a car, unless you do not drink at all.

I would check out the usfk website as well as the 2ID website. Valuable amounts of information.
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anymore input. I am supposed to be going to 1 BCT. I don't think they will change my assignment even though i have heard of replacement doing that. And it also happened to me when i pcs'd to Germany a few years ago.

There has been a few years since i left Korea, so i am sure some things have changed. One thing that happened pretty often was the assigment change. 2ID is all over Korea, so there is a chance that your assigment might change. Just because is saying Camp Casey is not guarantee that you will go there. So be prepared to go anywhere in Korea; you will get your assigment orders once you get to the replacement center.
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you will get your assigment orders once you get to the replacement center.

Second that:

They sit everyone down in the replacement center when you get in and say something like. If you hear your name called get up and go to the room to your left... If your name is called.. Welcome to 2nd ID.
Good luck at Carson. I just left it and renting out my house. I will be in Korea by the end of the year. Last time I was there, was in the 80s and I was a crazy Devil Dog based in Okinawa. Lived in a tent and then enjoyed the night at Pusan.

I hope you get a good sponsor.

Perhaps, you can the find that E-9 that can get you a good assignment. I have a senior Chief helping me and already placing me at a good location.

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