can an MP contract for rangers??

as the titles says, i want to enlist as an mp, but my father, both his brothers, and my grandfather have all been rangers, or green berets. i wanted to find out, if i can get airborne and rangers into my contract. is that possible with 31b?

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thank you gentleman. i have read the socom page from over and over and it never blatantly gives detail son how to get into the rangers program. it describes, training, qualifications, job details,etc,etc.

i figured i would have to go infantry, but i want to have an MOS where i can move up, learn and truly put to use outside of the military years from now, say swat or FBI,etc,etc. my grandfather was one of the first rangers, and my fathers and both of his brothers were rangers, my father even got into the green berets for years before switching mos to be a sniper instructor.

anyway, thank you for the info!! i appreciate it!
oh one more question gentleman. it has come to my attention that you can enlist as SF? well, to go through SF training,etc to see if you make the cut?

so if you have the asvab score, you can immediately enlist as an 18x candidate? what happens if you don't pass the physical tests? do you get to stay in and change your mos?
You would enlist as an 18X. First you would go through infantry OSUT. after that you would go to Airborne training. You would next start the SF Prep course. There they get you ready for SFAS (Selection). Selection is where you will see if you get to continue your SF training. If you get selected, you continue with your training (Q course). If you do not get selected, you will be sent to an infantry unit as an 11B.
ahh i see. so here is another question. i am 29. i have pretty extensive weapons knowledge and tactical knowledge, some land navigation training and such as well. i was fortunate to have my father teach me things while i grew up. my biggest concern now, seeing as i can sign up for this, is i am ready to sign for 6 years, i am in decent shape, but i know for a fact that the training will be one hell of a situation. i noticed the pt requirements are those of a 21 year old, which isn't too bad, but do you think i will have enough to get my mile times back up to my HS years, my senior year i could run sub 6 min miles, after years of active hobbies and a couple years smoking, which i def look back now and go why??, i am afraid i will struggle to get back into a low mile time for those loonng runs. i keep an assault pack stuffed with 30lbs or more at all times, i am in a training program to get back into shape, but do you think OSUT and such will get me really prepared for the intensity level of Q course and such?

i am pretty serious as seeing i have 4.5 months until i am thirty, but i am confident i can easily surpass the age times for me, but getting down to those 21 times, seems like i may not have enough time.

and also, is there a good sign up bonus for this?? how badly do we need SF and infantry soldiers? i want to take care of my family as well and fight for and serve my country.

thanks again
They have no MP's at Ranger battalions.You could probably try to reclass to infantry and then try to get ranger indoctrination when you are down at Benning. There are a variety of MOS's at Ranger Battalion. All MOS's are Rangers and are required to fulfill the same requirements such as PT and schools

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