Can I enlist after having ACL Recon?

I blew out my ACL 3 years ago and had complete ACL reconstruction. I am absolutely set on enlisting. I was wondering if that would be a problem? Like, would I not be able to enlist because of that? I'd appreciate it if someone could get back to me soon.
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It depends. You need to get ahold of all your medical records that has anything to do about your ACL surgery and any follow up reports pertaining to your knee after the fact, ie any doctor notes saying that it is normal.

Then it is all up to the MEPS doctors. If they feel that your knee will be an issue then they may deny you. They will very likely want to have their own doctors look at it as well to make their assesment.

Overall, just have your documents ready and take them in with you to the recruiting office. Keep a positve outlook but know that nothing is 100%. Good luck.
You will have to go through the MEPS process and see a specialized Dr. at MEPS that can bless off on if you are fir for duty.

The process can be quite lengthy, and you should see a Recruiter that isn't making mission, so that they will be more eager to assist you.

I have seen far too many Recruiters get complacent when they made mission that they would not persue a more involved medical waiver.

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