Can I get to SLC 68W from Deployment?

My Section SGT got into the same Issue you are in last year while we were deployed

This should alleviate your fears Smiler

AR 600-8-19 1-27

c. BNCOC and ANCOC. Active Army (AA), ARNG, and USAR AGR Soldiers otherwise eligible for consideration
but lacking the prerequisite level of NCOES as a direct result of operational deployment conflicts, or inability of the
Army to schedule the course, will be granted a waiver of the NCOES requirement by the DCS, G–1 (DAPE-MPE-PD).

The authority to grant waivers to USAR Soldiers is delegated to the U.S. Army Reserve Command, 7th ARCOM, 9th
MSC for TPU Soldiers, and HRC–St. Louis (AHRC-ZA-S/AHRC-MLS-B) for all IRR and drilling IMA Soldiers.
(1) Soldiers selected for promotion to SFC and MSG, whose eligibility resulted from a waiver of the requisite
NCOES, will have their promotion held in abeyance until the requisite course is completed.
(2) Deployed Soldiers assigned or attached to a unit participating in Operations Enduring Freedom or Iraqi Freedom
will be conditionally promoted, provided otherwise eligible, to SFC or MSG—
(a) For AA Soldiers, when they have reached/attained their respective sequence number.
(b) For RC Soldiers, upon identification of a valid position vacancy in the grade of SFC or MSG.
(c) The condition of promotion to MSG and SFC requires Soldiers to complete the appropriate level of NCOES
(BNCOC for promotion to SFC and ANCOC for promotion to MSG) as follows:
1. For AA Soldiers, within 270 days upon redeployment from the area of operations.
2. For RC Soldiers, within two years upon redeployment from the area of operations.
(d) In all cases, for all components, requests for exceptions to the established time frames must be submitted in
writing to the DCS, G-1 (DAPE-MPE-PD) for approval. Soldiers who fail to complete the required level of NCOES
within the prescribed time frame will be reduced according to the provisions of paragraph 10-17 to their former rank.

If I'm way off here, I apologize, your post is pretty vague Smiler

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